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Traditional cuisine and local products

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La Carte



Gascon salad  - 13 €

Green salad with homemade confit goose gizzards, homemade duck ham and tomatoes


Caesar Gasconne salad  - 14 €

Mesclun, shavings of sheep's cheese from Gers, black Gascon pork belly, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and goose fat croutons

Homemade Pastifret  - 9 €

The famous Gascon pâté with green pepper, baked in the oven

Old-fashioned little grays  - 16 €

Seared snails in butter, garlic, parsley, sausage meat and sweet Espelette pepper

The little grays a la Gondrinoise  - 16 €

Snails traditionally cooked with sausage meat, white wine, herbs and tomatoes

Homemade semi-cooked fresh duck foie gras  - 18 €

Duck foie gras from the Phalange farm (Gers), country bread, fig confit

Sweet / savory pan-fried foie gras escalope with seasonal fruits  - € 19

Slices of foie gras from the Phalange farm (Gers),  pan-fried and topped with a sweet reduction with Flot de Gascogne and seasonal fruits

Young cattle sweetbread  - 15 €

Sweetbreads sautéed with Madeira and mushrooms

Cebo Iberico ham slate  - 12 €

24 months of drying




Grilled duck hearts  - 13 €

Grilled duck hearts from the Phalange farm (Gers), just grilled

Grilled fatty duck breast - € 18.50

Whole duck breast from the Phalange farm (Gers), around 350 to 400gr.

Homemade cassoulet with duck confit  - 15 €

Gascon cassoulet with gizzards and duck sleeves, rinds and Toulouse sausages

Gers chicken with shallot  - 13 €

Free-range chicken (Gaec Pitras, free-range chicken breeders, Gers),  grilled with crapaudine

The beautiful grilled steak  - € 22.50

Blonde d'Aquitaine,  matured,  from the Cugini butcher in Eauze (Gers), piece from 400 to 450 gr

Grilled lamb chops with fine herbs  - 18 €

Lamb chops from Saint Pé Saint Simon (Gers), mixture of savory, rosemary and Timut pepper

Wild shrimps flambéed with Armagnac  - 14 €

Large wild shrimp seared in parsley and flambéed with Armagnac

Farm pork chop with caramel from Floc  - 14 €

Pan-fried pork chop (Landes) topped with a caramelized reduction with Red Floc

Pan-fried veal chop with morels  - € 19

Grilled farm veal chop from Gers, morel cream

Fresh fish from the market  - 13 €

Variety depending on supply, contact us

Gers farm veal Axoa  - 15 €

Finely sliced farm veal simmered with peppers and Espelette pepper  ​

All our à la carte dishes are accompanied by a garnish.

The plate of homemade fries (Agatha potatoes, Réchou EARL, Gers): 5 €

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Our choice of homemade desserts


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